Supporting the Vietnam Swans

Over many years the Vietnam Swans have graciously given their time to speak with students as part of our outbound mobility experience to Vietnam.  The Swans have told us many times about the work they do to give back to the local Vietnamese community  working with organisations such as Swim Vietnam and an orphanage in Vung Tau.

Over a number of years the Vietnam Swans have raised in excess of $30,000 for Swim Vietnam and it is amazing to see how far this money can go and what a real difference this program makes to life of so many Vietnamese people. To see the amazing outcomes that fundraising can achieve have a look at the video which outlines the Vietnam Swans contribution to this program –  click here .

With the help of AFL NSW/ACT today we have been able to help the Vietnam Swans with their charity work by supplying them with a sign GWS Giants jersey.  This jersey  will be auctioned at their annual Anzac Day match which takes place in Vung Tau each year and all funds raised will be used towards the charity projects that they are involved with.

In addition, AFL NSW/ACT has also provided a box of synthetic footies which we have also provided to the Vietnam Swans to use in local AFL programs such as the one we participated in today with the children from the green Bamboo Shelter.  These footies will make a huge difference to the activities of the Vietnam Swans as it is very difficult for them to source AFL footies in Vietnam and with the heat and humidity they do not last.

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