First day in Vietnam


In taking students overseas as part of a mobility experience it is important to realise that the group will have different levels of travel experiences and will be getting over the fact they have have been greeted with humid weather, crazy traffic and the world that is Ho Chi Minh City.

To try and help the students adjust to their new surrounding I have set up day one as an orientation day to get used to the city and also to provide some context of the country.  To facilitate this we participate in a halfway city tour which takes in the Presidential Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Post office, War remnants museum and the Ben Thanh Markets.


At the markets I found the busiest round about I could find and the students were given a lesson in how to cross the road.  A few props, hops and stops but they all successfully navigated their way to the middle oft round about only to realise they then had to come back.  See video to see how they went.

Having successfully graduated crossing the road students were then given the afternoon to explore Ho Chi Minh City with one goal be at the Bitexco Tower at 5:00pm – for those that may be wondering it was going be hard for the students not to know where it was


Before heading up to the 49th floor of the tower students were asked to think about how busy they had found the city.  Once in the tower students are able to reflect on their day and the business of the city against the sheer scale of the city and how big it really is and how little of it they had actually seen.

A great way to get to know the host city.

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