Preparation sessions, but be careful what you wish for…

This week has been an important week for the students undertaking the 2015 Vietnam Outbound Mobility Experience.

On Wednesday we undertook the last of the information seminars which provides some of the nuts and bolts about what you need to organise and know before we leave.  This took the form of a classroom seminar session


At the conclusion of the session the students participated in a group lunch and were joined by Michelle and Monica from the 2014 tour to Vietnam and Phoebe from the 2013 tour.  This is a great opportunity for students share their own experiences and provide some insight into what to expect (and I find the questions that they will ask other students differs from what they will ask me).


We also went out to Blacktown International Sports Park and were hosted by AFL NSW /ACT and David Gitz (who participated in the 2014 tour).  David not only put the students through some practical skills which they will be able to use in Vietnam, he was also able to relate his experiences from last years tour.


As part of the activities for the week I arranged for the sessions to be filmed and some on camera students interviews to take place to highlight the reasons why students want to participate in these Outbound Mobility Experiences.  I even managed to convince them to bring out a drone to take some footage of the AFL session.  A lesson for everyone, if you ask for things to be filmed, remember you never know what might be captured – see below for shot of the day.

AFL Blacktown

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