The benefits of Outbound Mobility Experiences

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In organising Outbound Mobility Experiences you have certainly learning objectives that you try and achieve whilst on tour and there is alway the hope that the impact of the experience will be much more long lasting than the few weeks that the students are overseas.

In 2014 myself and Colin Sheringham took a group of Hospitality and Sport students to Vietnam and as one of the organised activities of our tour we meet the founder of KOTO, Jimmy Pham who talks about his social enterprise. KOTO uses hospitality as a vehicle to improve the life of disadvantaged youth in Vietnam through training, education and providing hospitality based work experience ( ).

Michelle who is a Hospitality student who participated in the Vietnam trip last year was inspired by the stories she heard at KOTO and recently arranged for staff tips at the cafe she works for to be pooled in order to purchase a fund raising brick with KOTO, the total donation was $1,500.

A great example of the ongoing benefits which can come from participating in Outbound Mobility Experiences collapse

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