The deconstructed hot chocolate experience


Not being a great coffee drinker I have often ordered a hot chocolate as my preferred hot beverage.  On every occasion I have ever ordered a hot chocolate it has come pre-made, in a mug and on the odd occasion a marshmallow or small biscuit on the side.

So how do you turn the simple hot chocolate into something more?  How do you make an experience of it? The answer, deconstruct the hot chocolate and involve the guest in the theatre of the making of the hot chocolate.


At ‘The Grounds of Alexandria’ in Sydney Australia this is exactly what they do.  Your hot chocolate is presented on a tray with a glass mug with liquid chocolate, a flask of steamed milk and foam with a splash of liquid chocolate down one side, shaved chocolate and a chocolate powder on the tray.  This offers great visual presentation of the hot chocolate and allows the guest to easily become involved in the creation of beverage as well.

A key part of providing an experience is providing guests with something that offers a greater value for which they are prepared to pay more.  This was the most expensive hot chocolate I have ever paid for and I would not have hesitation in doing so again….

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